Refurbished and Second Hand Printing Machinery in Scotland

Print Machinery Services in Scotland

At IES our Print Machine services include:

Purchase of Pre Owned Printing and Bindery Equipment
We purchase for stock and for customers all ages and models of Heidelberg, Man Roland, Komori, Mitsubishi, Polar, Wohlenberg, Stahl and MBO machines and others. We can also work on a commission based sale, returning best value for the equipment to the owner.

Machinery Shipping and Transport
If you have purchased a machine from anywhere in the UK and wish to collect it or send it oversees, we can take full responsibility of the safe and secure transfer to either truck or container. We have a wealth of experience in the transportation of machinery and all our work is fully insured.

It's almost impossible to plan the best time to carry out services on your machines. We have a very flexible team of qualified engineers who can service your machinery at a time suitable to you.

General Maintenance
If you find that you don't have the staff to carry out general maintenance of your machines or ancillary equipment, we can offer this service. This can range for example, from replacing roller bearings and oil/water filters to oiling and greasing and general cleaning. Our engineers would be delighted to carry out this type of work.

Cylinder Repairs
However careful we try to be, one day some alien screw or bolt will find its way between the cylinders of your presses. With our electrolysis liquid metal repairing equipment we can re build your cylinder bringing it back to correct size and you will not notice any difference in print quality. We can also 'cap' the repair to a variety of finishes, disguising the fact that there was damage at all to the cylinder.

Guillotine Service and Safety Checks
The Health & Safety Commission require that all single knife guillotines are safety checked every six months and each machine must pass these checks and show a certificate of conformity. We at IES have the experience and the testing equipment allowing us to carry out these checks and issue a conformance certificate. We will also service the machine during our visit and check the machine is performing at optimum levels.

Machine Valet Service
Due to the ever increasing demands on productivity, sometimes machinery gets neglected or failed to be cleaned on a regular basis. Our staff will report to your premises armed with the correct cleaning fluids and chemicals to fully clean your machine on site, allowing your operators to run the machine with confidence. Cleaning your machine prior to selling will increase the value and create a larger audience of interested buyers.

Machine Valuations
Should you be considering new investment, taking over another company or looking to refinance existing equipment, it is vital to know the true value of your assets. We can offer independent, accurate valuations on machines to use for banking purposes or as you wish.

Insurance Valuations
If, in the unlikely event that you incur heavy damage to your machines due to fire or mechanical/electrical failure etc. and there are high costs of repair or replacement, you may have to call upon your insurance policy to cover these costs. We can offer independent accurate quotations for repair or replacement, giving all the necessary details ensuring you recover the costs as quickly as possible.

Technical Machine Reports
If you have sourced or are considering the purchase of a used machine local to you or oversees and would like to know of its true condition, IES can carry out this inspection for you. Upon completion we will present you with a detailed technical report that could either be used during purchase negotiations or when budgeting for your installation.

Internal Relocations
Should you, for whatever reason, require one or more of your machines to be moved internally, we can look after the complete project for you. We can also advise you on positioning of the machine for best work flow practices and utilization of available space.

Factory Relocations
We have a full range of expertise, experience and knowledge to relocate complete factories from one site to another. We will look after all the necessary labour, transport, lifting equipment, fork lifts etc. ensuring that the project runs to plan and avoiding downtime as much as possible.

Machine Storage
Should you need to remove a machine from your factory to storage or hold one in storage before installation, we can look after all aspects of this for you. We will insure the machine is kept in an easily accessible, safe, dry environment that is fully insured against all possibilities.

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Please contact us either through our Enquiry Form, Email or phone +44 (0)141 354 8899, and we will be delighted to discuss any requirements you may have.

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